Country Story Update Ostrich – Magic Tree

By | November 27, 2009

Country Story Update Ostrich – Magic Tree. New update for country story, there’s new animal and for tree spirit now we know how to use it 😛

Here’s the official statement :
“We have done a number of updates to Country Story today! I´ll reference them below for you.

Magic Tree! The important thing about Magic Tree is that it will not die, cannot be removed, cannot be cut and cannot be gifted away/sold.

Ostrich ! New animal that lays eggs, can only be purchased by using Playfish Cash.


New American items, inspired by Thanksgiving! Go check them out in the stores.

We have also changed the requirement of the dog quest based on new policy enforcements from Facebook. The new condition is to send 25 gifts to any of your friends of at least 1000 coin value or 2 Playfish Cash. We understand that this may break someone who were already working on the quest, but we had to make this change, we feel it is also a more generous quest and easier to complete it.

We have noticed that some of you had problems knowing how to fertilize since we introduced the new UI a short while back, so if you try to use the fertilizer from your storage, you will now receive a dialogue that tells you how to fertilize.

Note also that fertilizers level 4 and 5 can no longer be purchased, however if you still have them in your storage you can of course still use these fertilizers, but once they are gone, they´re gone.

We have also changed the balancing of how much stamina you use when you do different things and how many Green Points you receive from some of the actions you can do in your own and in your friends farm.

And finally, a number of bug fixes :)”

so what do you think for the new dog quest requirement ? easier right 😀
and yay for the magic tree ^^ but not for Ostrich because it’s cash 🙁

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  • justiceboy

    may i know ostrich required time to get the produce??

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    can I know how much the ostrich can produce w/ in 30 days? xD