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By | July 24, 2009

Continue from the last Playfish Crazy Planets Tips and Trick, i’ve added some new Crazy Planets Tips 😀 Enjoy

How do you earn crystals

You earn crystals by completing mission successfully! When you destroy robots they drop the crystals, they are automatically collected! If you fail the mission, you will not receive the crystals.

Please note that Topaz is only available to be found in the Kala Galaxy which you unlock when you reach Level 15, so you will not be able to find Topaz prior to that point. More information about this you can read Crazy Planets Topaz Tips And Tricks.

How do you earn metals

You earn metals by visiting your friends’ planets (to find your friends’ planets select ‘Galaxy’ while on your home planet from the icons on the left), you can tell when there are metals available as the metal dispenser will be glowing. The metal dispenser (when not glowing) looks something like:
You can only collect metals from each friend once per GMT day, so once you’ve collected metals from a friend, you need to wait until after the next midnight GMT before you can collect more metals!

How do you earn coins

Coins are on planets and meteors when you do a mission, you need to run over them with one of your units to collect them. If you fail the mission, you will not receive the coins.

How do you upgrade weapons

From your home planet, select ‘weapons’, you will find that you start with a bazooka and a grenade, both at level 1. To upgrade or learn new weapons you need a certain number of crystals and metals, the combination and numbers required for the next upgrade is listed below each weapon.

Once you have enough crystals and metals to upgrade your weapon of choice, select ‘Research’. Research a weapon takes some time, if you have more friends with the application, the research time can be smaller, as there are more friends to help you research. However, if you do not wish to wait for the research to complete, you can always click to ‘upgrade now’, but this will cost Playfish Cash.

How do I equip/change mine or my units weapons

When on the screen that explains the mission, you will see your team listed at the bottom, select the unit you wish to change their weapons (whether it be yourself or a friend), and you will be shown their current weapons.
To change the weapon simply click the left or right arrows next to one of the current weapons to be shown the other weapons that they have learnt and stop when you arrive at the weapon you wish to equip, and then select the green tick.

Please note that your friends’ units can only use weapons that they have researched, the weapons you research are only for yourself.

Where can I find information on the Medals

From your home planet, you can select the ‘Medals’ icon on the left to read a description of all the awards currently available.

Also, when you start any mission, you can hover over the greyed out Medal to find out the general category of the medal. If you need more detail, refer to the Medals screen from your home planet.

Please note that any ‘Boot Camp’ medals require a team of three level 1 friends, so can only be completed once you are level 15 or higher.

Some of the medals include:
Lazy – Win the mission without moving any unit.
Grenades Only – Win the mission using only Grenades as weapons.
Flawless – Win the mission without any of your units taking any damage.
Solo – Win the mission using just your own unit (to remove your friends units see question 18, just don’t add other friends in their place after removing them).
Boot Camp – Win the mission with a team of three level 1 friends (please note this can only be completed once you are level 15 or higher).
Win 5/10/20 Times – Win that meteor the specified number of times.

How do I access the missions

To access the missions, select the ‘Missions’ icon, which looks like a flying saucer, on the left when on your home planet.

Please note that planets and meteors unlock in a certain order, so you need to successfully complete each planet before moving on to the next planet (you do not need to complete the meteors before moving on to the next planet though if you do not wish to).

New galaxies require you to be a certain level before attempting them, so if you complete all the missions in your current galaxy prior to reaching the level requirement for the next level, you will need to repeat some missions (you may wish to try and achieve some medals while doing this) to level up to the required stage before attempting the next galaxy.

I’m playing a mission, but the robot is off my screen, how do I see him

You have two options!
Firstly, you can walk your unit around, so that you are closer to the robot you wish to fire at. To do this, place your cursor just above the planet/meteor surface where you want your robot to move to and click.
Secondly, you can rotate the planet/meteor (which will also zoom out), to do this click and drag on the planet body (i.e. beneath the surface) and you should find the planet/meteor will rotate!

Oh no! I’ve just been told my friend has been kidnapped, what do I do

In the current Galaxy you are in, you will notice that a new meteor has appeared on the map, this meteor will have a speech bubble coming out that says ‘Help!’ You need to go to that meteor and destroy all of the robots on it, and remove the force field around your friend to rescue them.

It is important that the friend you are rescuing does not die during this mission, or your mission will fail. To remove the force field that is holding your friend captive you need a weapon to hit the top cover with a weapon (sometimes the enemy robots will do this as well). Once the force field is removed, your friend who was captured will be able to assist in destroying any remaining robots!

How much maximum damage can the different robots do

You can see the picture below 🙂

When playing a mission, what do the enhancers down the bottom do

All of the enhancers cost a certain amount of coins, the amount is shown below the icon.

Restore health will restore the health of the unit who you are using at the time back to full health (effective immediately).

Double damage will give the unit you select it on double the hitting power for the next two shots that unit takes in a single mission.

Double max health will give the unit you select it on double the health for the duration of a single mission (effective immediately).

Shield allows the single unit it is applied on to take no damage in the two turns of that unit following enabling the shield. (To clarify, this means that that unit should be protected from when you enable the shield until the beginning of that unit’s second turn after the turn it was enabled on.)

Accuracy will show you a greater trajectory of each shot before you take it with the unit you use this on for the duration of a single mission.

What happens if I do not complete my shot in the given time, and how can I pause the game

You are given 30 seconds for each turn, if you do not take a shot within the given timeframe, you will forfeit that turn. If for some reason you wish to forfeit a turn without waiting the 30 seconds, you can select the cross symbol below your current unit when they are not already holding a weapon.

If you need to leave the game mid-mission and do not wish to forfeit your turns until you return, you can pause the game. To do this select the ‘Quit Mission’ button in the bottom left corner of your mission screen. Just ensure that when you return, you select the cross (not the tick) to continue playing.

How to I edit or change my character’s avatar

The first time you play, you will be prompted to set up your characters avatar. If you wish to change it in the future :
– go to the screen which shows you team before a mission (selecting any mission will do)
– select your character
– in the bottom left of the dialogue box that comes up you will see the below icon, select that, and then edit as you wish (be sure to select the tick after you are happy with your changes).

I bought some items that I no longer want for my planet, can I sell them back or gift them

Sorry, items bought to customise your planet cannot be sold back or gifted away.

Can I change the units on my team

Yes, to do this, when in the mission screen, prior to accepting the mission, select the unit you would like to change. Towards to bottom left of the unit screen that comes up you will see a picture of a unit with a red cross, select that.

You will be back at the mission screen and prompted to ‘Add New Unit’ where the unit you just removed was before. Select that to choose your next team mate!

What are the levels and rewards for levelling

Level Experience Points Reward
Level 1 0 XP
Level 2 1,000 XP +10 Health, 500 Coins
Level 3 3,000 XP +1 Team Mate, 500 Coins
Level 4 9,000 XP +5 Health, 500 Coins
Level 5 19,000 XP +5 Health, Unlock ISDA Galaxy, 500 Coins
Level 6 34,000 XP +5 Health, 500 Coins
Level 7 50,000 XP +5 Health, 500 Coins
Level 8 65,000 XP +10 Health, 500 Coins
Level 9 125,000 XP +1 Team Mate, 500 Coins
Level 10 220,000 XP +10 Health, Unlock PEIX Galaxy, 500 Coins
Level 11 370,000 XP +5 Health, 500 Coins
Level 12 580,000 XP +5 Health, 500 Coins
Level 13 800,000 XP +10 Health, 500 Coins
Level 14 1,100,000 XP +10 Health, 500 Coins
Level 15 1,450,000 XP +1 Team Mate, Unlock KALA Galaxy, 500 Coins
Level 16 1,850,000 XP +10 Health, 500 Coins

I hope this Crazy Planet Tips help you 😀

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