Crazy Planets Topaz Tips And Tricks

By | July 30, 2009

How to get topaz in Crazy Planets

– You can get topaz from the random gems you receive when you start the game from the funny guy with funny hat, that’s why there is people that are less than level 15 and have topaz.
– You can trade with your friends and receive topaz.
– When you reach level 15 you earn it from some of the planets in the last galaxy called “kala galaxy” and the best planet to earn topaz there is robotic ambush, of course if you passed all the planets there you earn a lot of topaz while getting all the medals by playing the meteors.

Fastest way to finish robotic ambush

Earn topaz, money and experience flawless strategy guide by Luggage
This guide will show you the best way to complete robotic ambush in the last galaxy, this mission is the one that gives you the most topaz from all other missions just play it a few times and you’ll notice it.

Equip cluster bomb and either homing or big boomer. (boomer only if you can aim decently. I tend to cycle through all 3 combinations for variety.)

1) move all the way as far right as you can, so you are hard up against the big crystal.
2) Kill the 80hp robot on the platform just up and left. This spot will keep you protected now from everything else bar possibly if a 60 hp devil bot wanders towards you (which they almost never do).
3) Take out in preference the 2 60 hp devil bots, using either big boomer or a long cluster bomb shot (both usually take 2 shots). Then proceed to take out the 100 hp blue bot from same position.
4) The two 80 hp bots on the platform up to your left from your starting position should have destroyed the force field generator, and hopefully killed one of them by now, so since you are left with a springer bot and a flying bot, simply walk back, and end up halfway on the steep slope just to the right of your starting position so the springer bot cannot damage you if he gets lucky, and its too far for the flyer to get you. Take out the 80 hp bot with a cluster, then the flyer, then the springer.

If you are not such a good long distance shot, and use homing, watch out for when 2 robots end up close together, and aim the homing missile to land between them, as this will damage both of them.

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  • Paul Durand

    I’ll tell you how to win lots of gems and XP In central boulders,in the isda galaxy
    You must have the big boomer in level 3 or more and anything else,but your friend#2 needs to have bazooka,cluster bombs or homing missile.
    you have to shoot with the big boomer near the red robot(the first),then the devil robot cannot get away from the others,if he shoots the big boomer,you’ll probably win,but if he doesnt do that,doesn´t matter,your friend#2 will have to shoot the rock and with the parts of the dead ones which explote,will activate the big boomer and they’ll all die

    that’s why i have more than 2’000.000 points

    If you have a question, my e-mail’s

  • Faris Ibrahim

    I just want to earn many Topaz