Create a Vector From Photo / Tracing

By | April 3, 2009

Photo Tracing. Yeah This tutorial will teach you how to do some photo tracing. After you master with it you can create many things with it like a birthday card, avatar, and many other things.

There are many programs you can use for vectoring, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw, and some others. In this tutorial i will teach you with Adobe Illustrator.

Find a photo to trace

I’ll be using this cute girl’s photo.. she’ll become a dentist someday, so i want make her photo with some teeth :D. Remember, it’s important to use a photo with big / high resolution.

For an easy way you can create path by choosing the color from face, the dark and highlight one.
Or you can using blend the color one by one, but you need to bring the photo to Adobe Photoshop first.
Image > Adjustments >Posterize Levels: 12- 18.

I’ll be using the first method using dark and highlight.

Now go to Adobe Illustrator and open the photo.
Lock the layer that contain photo.
Create a new layer for the vector, and Ctrl + Click the eye on the layer so you’ll be working in outline mode.

We’ll start with her face, pick the Pen Tool (P) and start create path.

then her eyes and mouth

Ctrl + click the eye for the vector layer, and choose a color for them. I’m using some solid color and some gradient.
You can rearrange the object with bring forward( Ctrl + ] ) or send backward( Ctrl + [ ), don’t forget to click which object you want to move.

Okay we start getting something here.

Now Ctrl + Click (outline mode) again, and start for other parts.

And i got something like this

I’ve added some dark area for her face. Now i want to add the highlight parts.

Done with her face !! If you look for outline mode again it’ll be like this:

It’ll be the same with the other parts hair, body, etc… Now you can continue add some creativity on your own

Finished picture :

Well.. for the hair part you can leave it like that (like mine) or you can add some highlight too 🙂
just be creative ok 🙂

oh ya… I’m taking some commission for Vectoring, for the price just contact me if you want some.

hope this tutorial will help you

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