Crossy Road Rugby Player Secret Character

By | May 27, 2015

How to get rugby player in crossy road ? the new Crossy Road Rugby Player Secret Character is available after the latest update for Android and iPhone.
in order to unlock rugby player, you need to play as squirrel. You must find 4 acorns then, you need to look for a tree with a white rugby ball sitting at the top of it.
Once you find the rugby ball, you just have to go next to the tree and it should drop down. Once your character dies you will unlock the rugby player as a normal character and it’s as simple as that. Good Luck !


here’s what other player said how to get crossy road rugby player :
James :
I believe this is the correct method to getting the RUGBY PLAYER:
You need to play as the squirrel, not another UK character. In one round you have to get 4 acorns, no more, no less.
If you die in that round without seeing the ball, you have to get another 4 the next round and try again.
It does not matter what other items you pick up, or in what order you pick the acorns up.

Jacob :
I was able to get it to work with 5 acorns as well. This is the most consistent method I have come across yet. Try a bunch of different methods of getting the acorns and eventually you will succeed!

Underdog099Matt :
The 4 no more no less worked for me! I found to rugby balls in one round!! Thanks for the help!!

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