Dark Stories Crimson Shroud Walkthrough

By | July 20, 2013

If you have finished dark stories midnight killer, then get prepared for the second one ! because MPI Games is preparing it and when it’s done we will make the dark stories crimson shroud walkthrough
There’s no info if we still helping Gregory Ross, the detective from Los Angeles or a new person.

you can look the preview image of this game on facebook :
you can see lady vampire with fangs, bats, castle and tombstones
“Working on the “Dark Stories: Crimson Shroud”. It will be available as soon as possible!”

if the first episode is about werewolf, i think this time we will facing vampire or dracula 🙂 so are you excited ? stay tuned for the released of this game !

the game is live, here are dark stories bloody night walkthrough :
get a phone under the newspaper and double click it on your inventory
tap on the fingerprint to find out who’s the owner of the phone, talk to the police
click the gate and talk back to the police
get a key and open the car’s trunk, obtain a chain cutter use it on the gate
move forward and go back to car’s trunk for rope, find a hook from the place towards the police
combine rope and hook to get ladder
go inside to find the door’s locked
back to the place where you got hook from, get 3 items from toolbox : nails, saw, hammer

follow the video solution, or just ask if you stuck in some on some places and can’t progress ! we’ll try our best to guide you through 🙂

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