Dark Stories Midnight Killer Walkthrough

By | June 26, 2013

This is a long story game for this MPI Games, unlike 100 missions on this game you can change the view into day and night.. also it got mysterious theme. If you need any assistance when you stuck and don’t know what to do, just read dark stories midnight killer walkthrough

get the red hoodie and scrap of jeans on tree stump
go back, talk to the police and get the backpack


go to the wood sign that lead you to hollyberry trail
get a red ipod under the table and talk to the bald man, show him the scrap of jeans
he will request for a drink

go to the city and change into night view
go into the bar and pay the barmen with money, she will give you a bottle of beer
don’t go out yet.. go to the vending machine and put in the money to get a bottle of water
go out to the left side alley, there’s a yellow gypsum that you can take
now combine the bottle of water + gypsum to get a white bucket
change back into day view

go to central lane and talk to cop to get a photo of missing girl
back to the bald man on hollyberry trail, give him the beer
in return he will give you a statuette
now look around, there are 3 grey hair that you can click and keep
on the right side there’s a path, but we need a cutting tool

go back and move to the mill pond
look inside the house and click the right view until you see a secateurs cutting tool
back to hollyberry trail and use the cutting tool on the pathway
move on, there’s a house of your suspect

talk to the man and use the “yell” button so a new location will be unlocked
click the map and go to the trailer, talk to him until he request a file from police station
back to the city and go to the police station on the right
go downstairs on left and click the right cabinet to get a folder file


back to the trailer, give him the file
he will give you a book and werewolf photo
click the book to unlock a new skill that you can use later

go to the crime scene and use the skill (eye button)
there will be some items with red flash, click them :
5 black fur and left wood that you can open with the cutting tool
use the white bucket on the footprint to get a plaster footprint

back to the suspect house
show him the photo of werewolf, back 1x and click boots near the plant
use the plaster footprint on the boot
click the suspect again and show him the girl’s photo
back and talk to him again to show him 4 items : backpack, clothes, ipod, black fur
he will turned into werewolf and gone

go to central lane, click the middle one and go to the right
you can see the werewolf, talk to him to get a wolfs root
use it then move on across the river
talk to the man outside the house
go to the left and use the footprint on the shoes, you will get a photo
go out, to the right room and choose the left one
click on the statuettes on the table, put on the one you have to the table
you will get a photo

back outside and talk to the man
show him the photo of shoeprint, statuette, and crime scene
get the gun and kill the werewolf
get a key from him

go inside to room with green sofa, click the carpet
use the key to unlock the floor
it depend how many days you spend for the ending 🙂

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