Destiny How To Get Strange Coin

By | September 16, 2014

This is a guide for destiny how to get strange coin ! where you can find strange coins and how to spend strange coins in destiny 🙂
what is destiny strange coin ? if you read the description from the Inventory and : “This unusual coin is warm to the touch and vibrates gently in your hand.”


There’s a vendor that sales only gold items in the tower that only shows up Friday- Sunday every week. He only sells 1 item per class, and 1 weapon. The only currency he takes are “strange coins” that you get in engrams randomly. He can be found near the crucible npc people in the middle section of the tower underground. He has a tentacle face

where to find strange coins in destiny

Complete a Public Event to get a strange coin ! these fireteam group events may happen while on Patrol or within Strike missions. When you’re done the Postmaster in The Tower will give Strange Coin for you.

Get 3-9 Strange Coins by completing the Weekly Heroic Strike Mission. You can play them on 3 difficulties to get a total of 9 strange coins where a new set of coins gets rewarded for each difficulty level on their first completion.


Get 4-8 Strange Coins by completing the Weekly Nightfall Mission. Find this mission in Strike Playlists, but it doesn’t unlock until you reach level 24.

Earn 1 or more Strange Coins are obtained by completing Strike Playlists at level 22 or level 24.
Find 1 Strange Coin randomly when decrypting the light blue Decoherent and purple Legendary Engrams.
Find 1 Strange Coin randomly when you open destiny golden chests loot.


Earn 1 Strange Coin as a reward for killing the Draksis, the House of Winter’s Kell boss at the end of the “Story Mission: Scourge of Winter” on Venus.

You can also find them rarely from finishing a mission and reward from The Crucible match reward

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