Dooors 2 level 1 – 10 Walkthrough

By | April 10, 2013

With these dooors 2 level 1 – 10 walkthrough you won’t have any trouble finishing all door puzzle stage if you get stuck ! because we have the detail explanation how to solve and open the doors for each levels in these solutions

2nd series of room escape games by 989Works

help for dooors2 cheats :

dooors 2 level 1 walkthrough
get the key on bottom right, use it to open door

dooors 2 level 2 walkthrough
place the green box on :
left : bottom
right : 2nd from top

dooors 2 level 3 walkthrough
to open 3rd door you must slide door to the left side

dooors 2 level 4 walkthrough
open the right panel on wall to get screwdriver
open left panel and use screwdriver to unscrew
press red button to open door

dooors 2 level 5 walkthrough
tilt your phone / device to the right and click door to open


dooors 2 level 6 walkthrough
slide 1st door to the left
slide 2nd door to the right
slide the last door up to open

dooors 2 level 7 walkthrough
add green color to the box on wall from left to right :
2x – 6x – 8x – 0
then tap the door

dooors 2 level 8 walkthrough
get a box on right and get a white cross
wait until the green light is on the arrow to tap the door
use the cross to remove the ghost

dooors 2 level 9 walkthrough
like the door pattern :
change the left lever pointing top right
change the right lever pointing top left

dooors 2 level 10 walkthrough
slide the door in these order :
1. Left
2. Up
3. Right
4. Right
5. Down
6. Down
7. Left
8. Left
and you can open the door

proceed to doors2 level 11 – 20

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