Dooors 2 level 11 – 20 Walkthrough

By | April 8, 2013

Here are the step by step guide to pass the puzzle on dooors 2 level 11 – 20 walkthrough ! you only need to follow the tips one by one to easily pass these stages, it’s not to difficult 🙂

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cheats for dooors2 solutions :

dooors 2 level 11 walkthrough
slide the black button on left, up and down so the dinosaur mouth open
get the fire extinguisher and use it on the fire
open the door

dooors 2 level 12 walkthrough
open the right panel then change the color from left to right into :
blue – white – red then open the door

dooors 2 level 13 walkthrough
using 2 fingers pinch out the red doors up and down

dooors 2 level 14 walkthrough
quick get the red ball that following the big green ball
then press the bunny, use the red ball to the bunny eye

dooors 2 level 15 walkthrough
get the sick behind the left cactus
tap the button on the ceiling
now press the button based on the cactus numbers :
3 1 4 2


dooors 2 level 16 walkthrough
use screwdriver to open 2 locks on the door
then press 2 white button at the same time
and when both ball position above the green line quickly open the door

dooors 2 level 17 walkthrough
swipe the floor to see 4 shape hint
change the x shape from left to right on the wall :
circle star diamond =

dooors 2 level 18 walkthrough
rotate your phone upside down the open the door

dooors 2 level 19 walkthrough
click the left statue and put the cross on his hand
open the door

dooors 2 level 20 walkthrough
open the right panel on right floor, get the goggles
use it to swim the water hole
use the brush to swipe the the wall and see the hint
back up, now press the buttons like the guide
here’s the answer from left to right :
2x 1x 2x 0x 2x 1x

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