Dooors 2 Level 21 – 30 Walkthrough

By | April 7, 2013

Find a hint and solve the puzzle of dooors 2 level 21 – 30 walkthrough easily with these cheat answers 😛 some of the door requires a long step in order to pass it, so read and ask if you don’t understand !

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solutions for dooors2 hints :

dooors 2 level 21 walkthrough
using 2 fingers, slide the door to the right

dooors 2 level 22 walkthrough
tap the vents on floor to make the smoke gone
use fingers to change the circles from left to right with these colors :
pink – red – yellow – green – cyan

dooors 2 level 23 walkthrough
slide the fence to left and right
now tilt your phone / device until both green square is on the middle
then quickly press the door to open

dooors 2 level 24 walkthrough
use the stick from inventory to the hole on right machine
press it, the hint on top will moving
now change the square from left to right into green with these numbers :
2 – 8 – 7 – 4

dooors 2 level 25 walkthrough
move the green ball to the end point by tilting your phone / device, without making the red ball move to the end point
if you failed.. press the button on floor, both balls will return to the first position


dooors 2 level 26 walkthrough
swipe the left and right wall to see 2 animals :
panda = china
turtle = galapagos
move 2 green pointer on the world map by pressing the button on floor
china = 4th from left
galapagos = 3rd from right

dooors 2 level 27 walkthrough
open right hatch to get matches
open left hatch to see the hint
light up the candles like the hint shape 1 by 1
use fire extinguisher if you want to make progress for next shape
1st shape = all, except the top right
2nd shape = only the bottom left
3rd shape = all

dooors 2 level 28 walkthrough
click the bottle then shake your phone / device until all glass above the door light into green

dooors 2 level 29 walkthrough
tilt your phone / device to move the hole cover
start covering the left hole and change the number into 25
cover the right hole and change the number into 52
now move the cover to the middle hole and open the door

dooors 2 level 30 walkthrough
press the trampoline and press the circle button to make X shape
open the door after you have all 5 circles green X

proceed to doors2 level 31 – 40

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