Dooors 2 Level 31 – 40 Walkthrough

By | April 7, 2013

Play the new room escape game by 989Works if you haven’t tried it, because if you’re a fan of dooors game then you should play the 2nd series 🙂 we have the last 10 door solutions in dooors 2 level 31 – 40 walkthrough below if you stuck on these puzzle !

Solve the hidden mysteries and open the doors by making full use of your iphone / android gestures such as shake or multi-touch and complete all the stages!

help answers for dooors2 cheats :

dooors 2 level 31 walkthrough
use the screwdriver to open the barrel
use goggles to get knife inside the barrel
use the knife to cut the rope on left side
use fire extinguisher on the fire after the door open

dooors 2 level 32 walkthrough
press the picture on right to see hint
face your phone / device like the hint, then start to spinning it forward until all white parts light up into green, then you can open the door

dooors 2 level 33 walkthrough
using 3 fingers click on these :
left button – door – right button

dooors 2 level 34 walkthrough
change the left picture into triangle with stripes
change the right picture into triangle with up arrow

dooors 2 level 35 walkthrough
tilt to left or right to move the glass panel
change the circles on the wall start from :
smalles circle = black
2nd smallest circle = grey
middle circle = white
2nd large circle = black
largest circle = grey
click the door to open


dooors 2 level 36 walkthrough
the square means inventory
on the left and right position you need to scale them :
left = fire extinguisher (35)
right = knife (15)
change the clock on these numbers and open the door

dooors 2 level 37 walkthrough
click the switch and see the glowing color ? use the bocks to change piece for each color
top left = 5
bottom left = 6
top right = 8
bottom right = 3

dooors 2 level 38 walkthrough
use the brush stick on the gear to make it stop spinning
open the left panel and connect the line
open the right panel and connect the line from each circles
tap door to open

dooors 2 level 39 walkthrough
change the square from left to right into these symbols :
= x diamond hourglass

dooors 2 level 40 walkthrough
slide the door to the right
use knife to cut the rope
use screwdriver to unscrew the flammable tank
use matches on the red liquid, you will see a fire and the temperature rising
use the fire extinguisher on fire after it reaches maximum
click the door to open and tilt to move the wall

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