Dooors 3 Cheats

By | December 18, 2013

Even though the developer game name change from 989Works, but it’s still the same game challenge ! Use dooors 3 cheats to find all the solution of dooors 3 so you can follow the answer how to pass each door stage 🙂
Android / iphone app DOOORS3 – room escape game – by 58 WORKS

dooors 3 niveau 1 – 10 answers :

dooors 3 level 1 walkthrough
tap down button until you can click the key and open the door

dooors 3 level 2 walkthrough
tap the door until the door break

dooors 3 level 3 walkthrough
slide the middle statue to the right

dooors 3 level 4 walkthrough
change the button line to match the line on wall

dooors 3 level 5 walkthrough
tilt your phone upside down and click the door when the plank is not blocking you


dooors 3 level 6 walkthrough
get the shovel on bottom left and dig on the dirt
use the dirt on the fire

dooors 3 level 7 walkthrough
shake your device to see the lamp hint
change the button on left into red and right into blue

dooors 3 level 8 walkthrough
click all dolls to make them jump and not touching the ground, open the door

dooors 3 level 9 walkthrough
the jamaica flag on door is the hint to find the location on map
move the green dot to the right side of the world map

dooors 3 level 10 walkthrough
the left line is your answer to press on the right white square :
3 4 5
2 9 6
1 8 7

dooors 3 all nivel cheats :

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