Dooors 3 Level 16 17 18 19 20 Walkthrough

By | December 18, 2013

We have prepared doors 3 level 16 17 18 19 20 walkthrough for you, if you need to look how to solving the door puzzle ! i’m sure you’ve tried your best solving them before getting the answer here 😛
Android / iphone app DOOORS3 – room escape game – by 58 WORKS

dooors 3 level 16 walkthrough
click the floor on right side, use the shovel to dig and get a scissors
use the scissors on the left rope and tilt your device to make the old man touch the button on the right ceiling

dooors 3 level 17 walkthrough
tap the button to reveal the clue of 6 bars
change the ball height by clicking : 3x 2x 3x 0 1x 3x

dooors 3 level 18 walkthrough
pull down the rope to reveal 4 symbols, change the correct circle symbols on wall
get the pipe on right, use it on the door to hold it open


dooors 3 level 19 walkthrough
tilt your phone upside down to make both balls reaching top side

dooors 3 level 20 walkthrough
click the right button behind the wheel to reveal the clue
stop on the left spinning wheel and look on the color of each shape and match them with the hint
red – blue – green – yellow

doors 3 niveau 16-20 :

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