Dooors Level 51 – 60 Walkthrough Solution

By | September 14, 2012

The new update for room escape game is here ! read all 10 solution here on dooors level 51 – 60 walkthrough

this iphone puzzle game by 58works is really tricky this time, so if you need any help when you stuck specially level 55, 58 and 60 find the answers here !

dooors game solutions :

dooors level 51 walkthrough
there’s a line blocking your way to the door
take the line and hang it up on the hook on the top left
now press the line to open the door 🙂

dooors level 52 walkthrough
use the flashlight from inventory and use it at the top of the door
you’ll see a hint which drawer to press
the answer :
– left side top and middle drawer
– right side middle and bottom drawer
after you open them all, the door will open

dooors level 53 walkthrough
shake your phone so the eyes will show up
notice there’s an arrow on the top of the door
you need to tilt your phone where the arrow direct so the eye will follow it
every time you make a correct move, the red light will turned into green
keep doing it till the door open 🙂

dooors level 54 walkthrough
get the hammer by moving the left plant to the right
take it and use it on the barrel
move the bottom barrel wood to get a key
use it to open the door

dooors level 55 walkthrough
use the flashlight from your inventory to the top left and top right
there’s a clue that will help you pass this door
you need to click the levers like the direction of the arrows
if you notice there are 3 arrow for each side
left : facing up, down, up
right : facing up, up, down

so here’s the answer :
left side click : top and bottom
right side click : top and middle

dooors level 56 walkthrough
select hammer from your inventory
hit the man that pop out from the holes
keep doing it until all red lights turned into green
and the door will open 🙂

dooors level 57 walkthrough
use match from inventory to make a fire from the dried grass
next pick up the gun on the right side
use it to shoo the nail ? on the top of wooden board
after the board is on the floor, you can click the door
and it will open !

dooors level 58 walkthrough
look at the number at the yellow star = 7
it means 7 green dots
you must make a big dipper with 7 green dots
here’s the picture to help you easily pass this door

dooors level 59 walkthrough
there’s a target to shoot ! click the gun from your inventory
and shoot the rope 😛
the hint is to rotate your phone like the clue on the top of the door
keep doing it till all the red lights turned into green
and door will open !

dooors level 60 walkthrough
final stage 🙂 use your gun to pop all balloons
also use it to shoot 2 hinges from the door
take a look at the hint on the top
you must your hammer to the nails just like the hint

it means :
1st nail longer than 2nd longer than 3rd shorter than 4th equal to 5th shorter than 6th
answer :
click these nails from left to right
1st nail 0x
2nd nail 1x
3rd nail 2x
4th nail 1x
5th nail 1x
6th nail 0x

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