Dooors Level 61 – 70 Walkthrough Solution

By | January 15, 2013

58works just released a new update iphone door escape game, we will help you with the solution for dooors level 61 – 70 walkthrough in case you need it 🙂

don’t get stuck too long because more room is waiting for you ! in these levels, i think the hard one are on stage 62, 66 and 67 for the rest are still logical to pass 😛

answers for dooors cheats :

dooors level 61 walkthrough
click the bed following the black dot
left, right, left 3x, right, left

dooors level 62 walkthrough
quick press all 9 button to light up and tap the door the open
do it before the button changed back to red

dooors level 63 walkthrough
press left plant until it moves to left
use the hammer and press right tree
get a shovel and use it to dig a hole on left until you get a tool
use it on the left hole, press and open the door

dooors level 64 walkthrough
turn your device upside down to move the red ball
use the hammer to knock the brick pattern into the floor

dooors level 65 walkthrough
use gun to hit the moving target and make the hint fall down
click the color starting from the outer
red blue yellow blue green red yellow

dooors level 66 walkthrough
use shovel to move the dirt
change the left square into * and right into #


dooors level 67 walkthrough
from top to bottom
move the red to the 3rd
move the blue to the 6th
a big ball will fall, tilt phone / device to left and right until all red turned into green

dooors level 68 walkthrough
get the item and use the hammer to make the tile back into floor
another tile will pop with a key
get and use it to open door

dooors level 69 walkthrough
shake your device when the red line goes through the squiggly part
do it until all 5 red turned into green light

dooors level 70 walkthrough
use the gun to shoot the top left panel
change the left one into 4,5 and right 6,0

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