Dooors Level 71 – 75 Walkthrough Solution

By | January 15, 2013

Solve the last 5 stages of 58works door escape game with this help : dooors level 71 – 75 walkthrough if you can’t pass one of the puzzle

cheats for dooors solutions :

dooors level 71 walkthrough
the answer is to change the color into blue black and white red

dooors level 72 walkthrough
tap both tile on floor until the purple bar full

dooors level 73 walkthrough
put the white item from inventory on the rocket, it’s the missing part 😛
use the match to the rocket
press the square to change the direction :
top left : north west
bottom left : south west
top right : north east
bottom right : south east


dooors level 74 walkthrough
press the 1st, 3rd and 5th button
tilt your device to slide the rock

dooors level 75 walkthrough
press the orange cube on left
push the button
use the gun to shoot the balloon color from :
green red blue yellow purple
open the door
slide it to top
then use the hammer to break the planks

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