Dooors Walkthrough Level 41 – 50 Answer Solution

By | June 29, 2012

Need some puzzle game door answer ? for the latest 10 doors you can check this dooors walkthrough level 41 – 50 solution !

i know if you love 100 exits and 100 floors then you want to finish this game too, so if you stuck and need some hint to pass each levels then read the guide below :

dooors cheats level 41-50 :

dooors level 41 walkthrough
Tilt device toward you and away from you quickly back and forth until all green lights are lit

Tap door

dooors level 42 walkthrough
Tap left wheel 3 times (to set to water symbol)

Tap right wheel 7 times (to set to fire symbol)

Tap door

dooors level 43 walkthrough
Rotate device to left to slide bucket into view

click the orange bucket
 and click the remote

Tap remote to activate

Put 2 in the left and 7 on the right.

dooors level 44 walkthrough
Tap brush on botton left

Tap and swipe entire screen to clean walls

Tap left box 9 times (set to human icon)

Tap right box 1 time (set to duck icon)

Tap door

dooors level 45 walkthrough
Tap and hold white button until it stops (pointing left)

Exact left on dial is 45

Tap door

dooors level 46 walkthrough
Change the 8 silver circles with the lines in the middle so they look like the next picture.
It’s easier to press the buttons like this:
LEFT SIDE from top to bottom:
1 time, 3 times, 3 times, 1 time
RIGHT SIDE from top to bottom:
1 time, 3 times, 3 times, 1 time

dooors level 47 walkthrough
Move the fence all the way to the left
Now DON’T touch the screen or move the phone
Wait until the eyes close and the door fully opens and press the opening

dooors level 48 walkthrough
Pick up the weight on the ground
Use the yellow bucket in your inventory on the water to fill it up
Put the bucket with water on the left chain and the weight on the right chain
Now tilt your phone toward you so the door falls down

dooors level 49 walkthrough
Use the lit match in your inventory on the rope holding the fence together
Move the left fence away to the left and the right fence away to the right
Change the circles with the red triangles so they match the directions of the faces

dooors level 50 walkthrough
You can shine the flashlight above the door to see the hint 😛
Tap and swipe to turn on ANY of the 50 or 60 dots.
Any 50 dots must be green, and the other 10 must be white

Tap door

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