Doors and Floors Level 11 12 13 14 15 Walkthrough

By | January 3, 2014

This doorsnfloors app is very hard to solve and you really need think outside the box ! On these 5 stage you can find the solution here on doors and floors Level 11 12 13 14 15 Walkthrough to see the cheats how to solve each puzzle door and escape for next floor 😛
Doors and Floors By Chris & Uwe

doors and floors level 11 walkthrough
get the flashlight on top left
press and hold the handle and rotate your phone clockwise
do it until you hear a sound and spin it for a few seconds and let go

doors and floors level 12 walkthrough
get the lighter on the bottom left door
there are 5 symbols
if you quater the symbols you will get letters and numbers
here is a keypad in the right side of the door, enter 03272

doors and floors level 13 walkthrough
the hint is to open manually
press + volume button until the garade door open


doors and floors level 14 walkthrough
the four elements will help you open the door
look at the 5 lines on each statue :
use sand on the left statue
use water on the right statue
use lighter on back left statue
press the back right lines statue
blow your phone microphone until you hear a sound

doors and floors level 15 walkthrough
select the flashlight, tilt your phone to move the light
get a keycard on bottom left
focus on two spots of door hinges, tap them until it breaks
shake the flashlight if the light flickers and turns off

doors and floors niveau 11-15 :