Doors & Rooms Level 1-13 Walkthrough Rusty Key

By | December 17, 2012

The rusty key have 2 more levels for you to purchase and solve, here are the help answer for doors & rooms level 1-13 walkthrough

new doors and rooms chapter 1 solution :

click the middle shelf that contain of tools, get a pliers
use it on ceiling fan on right wall and get a key
unlock the locker with red locked, get a screwdriver

unscrew the left locker and get a sponge and yellow key
click the green bottle on shelf to make it fall
use the sponge on the liquid that just fall from green bottle
tap the oil on floor for a cube
combine the cube with sponge to get a dice, use it as hint to get side number for safe


unlock the safe with the dice side :
5 – 2

get a T lever and a blue key
combine yellow and blue key then use it to open the middle locker
get a circle
put the circle on left wall to the missing spot

unscrew the left panel with screwdriver
put the T lever and click it to turn off the lamp
look at the code on right wall

now press :
right 3x triangle
left 2x triangle
left 5x triangle
right 6x triangle
now open the door

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  • k

    Your last answer is wrong. It’s rx3,lx5,lx2,rx6.