Doors & Rooms Level 1-14 Walkthrough Rusty Key

By | December 17, 2012

And now here are the cheat answer for rusty key premium : doors & rooms level 1-14 walkthrough and remember you must purchase this stage in order to unlock.

d&r stage 1-14 solution :

find these items :
hanger on floor
burnt wood, dismantle it for a knife
lighter on table
rope on pipe above

use the rope on the oil under table
combine the rope and hanger, click the helm on right then put the hanger on right wall and use lighter for a fire
click the wall for code
find out what is A, the answer is 17


click the brick on right for second puzzle math
find out B value, the answer is 24
get a pipe near the table
click the safe and enter the numbers for A B to get a tool

combine tool + pipe for pickaxe, use it on the left brick wall to find a panel
observe the dragon lighter as hint to press the square path
there are 7 letters with wire

click the door and match the letters with wires
use the knife to cut B-D-G wire from the panel
now click the door to open

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