Doors & Rooms Level 3-8 Walkthrough Silent Hospital

By | December 16, 2012

Look a christmas tree on silent hospital, but with a dead doctor ? escape from this door with doors & rooms level 3-8 walkthrough

a new level for chapter 3, use these cheat guides to solve the codes answer to open the hospital door

help solution for silent hospital stage 8 :
click the doctor and look a word on his hand
get a flashlight from him
click the patient bed to open the blanket and get a package, dismantle it to get a tape

click the tv, turn on (no signal)
put on the tape, see the hint above ‘news’ => ELSI
read it upside down to get 1573
click the bear doll and enter the numbers on heart
get a toolbox, dismantle it to get 3 types of screwdriver

click the wheelchair and unscrew with (-) screwdriver
you can find 3 otomam batteries, get them all

click the orange toy between chairs and unscrew with (+) screwdriver
get another 2 batteries


tap the “T” from askari hospital word on the table
use the flashlight and get a new screwdriver
use it on the panel near door (left) to open the screws
dismantle the flashlight 2x to get the last battery

click the bottom of christmas tree and put all the batteries
click the right panel near door : akari hospital guide map
use the color from the christmas tree lamp and the panel to get the code
the numbers are : 583271496
click the left panel and use the codes to open the door

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