Doors & Rooms Level 4-3 4-4 Walkthrough Claustrophobia

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Claustrophobia stage guide for 2 chapters : doors & rooms level 4-3 4-4 walkthrough ! Find all the help information how to pass these stages here.

answer cheat for doors and rooms chapter 4 :

doors & rooms level 4-3 walkthrough :
get the hammer and iron pipe, then combine it together
use it to get the gear on top, it will drop to the floor
now click to find these gears, including the man and skull :
black, blue, yellow, purple, green, red
get the paper from the skeleton
observe it to see hint : 18 6 green
it’s the location to put the right gears position, and the numbers mean the one with total lines + gear teeth
click the left panel and put these gears :
red on left, black on right, combine yellow + blue and put it on bottom


doors & rooms level 4-4 walkthrough
there’s a numbers on wall : 8421
press the button on each side to see some hint numbers :
left : 1000
top : 0101
right : 0011
bottom : 0100
using the 1 as the position from the 8421 you will get :
8, 5, 3, 4 now after a lot of try and error you will have the code number : 8543
now walk through the stairs for level 4-5

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