Doors & Rooms Level 4-5 Walkthrough Claustrophobia

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chapter 4 doors & rooms level 4-5 walkthrough ! the help solution how to pass the abacus is here with picture.

the sad thing for this stage is, i can’t read abacus and need to ask 12 years old nephew to solve the code number :|

claustrophobia cheat answer for doors and rooms stage 4-5 :

doors & rooms level 4-5 walkthrough :
get the matches on the table, on the floor : wrench, bottle and bear
now dismantle the bear into 6 pieces :|
dismantle the body again to get a cotton
combine cotton and bottle


use the wrench to the pipe on the left side (+)
a gas wil leaked and you can use the cotton on the pipe
now you can light up the candle with match
then use the pipe to the candle

dismantle the bear left hand to get a green jewel
put the jewel on the pipe, and see the light above for numbers

now solve the number into abacus, here’s your answer and skip to 4-6:

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