Doors & Rooms Level 5-2 Walkthrough The Kingdom

By | December 14, 2012

On stage 5-2 doors and rooms, you must find some numbers of code to open the chest box ! we already have the cheat answer in doors & rooms level 5-2 walkthrough just for you guys 🙂


help for doors and rooms chapter 5 solution :
get a knife and bottle from table
from right shelf : big plate, a glass and bottle opener
combine bottle + bottle opener, then dismantle it ! observe to see code : 6354
from left knight helmet and a weapon
use the knife to cut the chicken open for a paper code : 3113
use the weapon to break the vase on right and put the knight helmet there for soil
now use it on the fireplace and see the hint for roman numbers
observe the glass for code : 9958
observe plate for code : 1327
click on the treasure box on top of fireplace and enter : 3 795
get the pendant and use it on door


your job is to make the red diamond to be placed in the middle by rotating the 4 circle
and the door will be open

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  • Cam

    How did you get 3795?

    • admin

      using the roman number on fireplace you must match the objects and positions in the painting : glass(3) chicken(1) plate(2) bottle(4) == > numbers in roman
      and use the treasure box as the digit which number to get, see the space ? there should 4x zero = | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 |
      i thought this one pretty clear ?

  • Phoenix

    You have a code from the bottle (cork), the chicken (paper stuffed inside), the plate and the wineglass (observe objects in inventory). Click on the painting above the fireplace. The roman numerals in the fire refer to this arrangement of objects. Hence, chicken is I, plate is II, wineglass is III, and the bottle is IV. Click on the treasure box on top of the mantle. Notice the space of each square where you put the number is located differently. It refers to the location of the digit within the codes. So, I is chicken. The code we got there was 3113. The square on the box says to put in the first digit: 3. Keep going for the other three roman numerals.

    Hope this helps