Doors & Rooms Level 5-5 Walkthrough The Kingdom

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I think you’ll need a paper to draw the constellation from the map dots on chapter 5-5 puzzle, but we already have the answer for the correct zodiac here in doors & rooms level 5-5 walkthrough !


solution for stage 5 the kingdom answer :
click the ladder for a note
click the knight’s helmet for note
click the book on table and get a note
click the chair and get note

look at the red stars with telescope and you’ll get a numbers : 6479
click on the drawer on left and enter the code number and get a box
dismantle the box for 8 zodiac symbol
press the paper on the wall left to telescope, it’s a constellation with zodiac symbol

click the map on left wall
observe the 4 note and using the coordinates for each number (north – west – south – east)
make a constellation and match the zodiac symbol, you’ll get the answer below :)


click the box on right : 1234 and put on
aquarius – aries – libra – taurus
get the book and now click on bookshelf
put the book and solve the door puzzle to get out

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