Doors & Rooms Level 5-6 Walkthrough The Kingdom

By | January 20, 2013

I just purchased the premium stage 6 and now let’s get on the doors & rooms level 5-6 walkthrough to find a key for the door 🙂
and don’t worry for the door puzzle, this one is easy ! you only need to rotate by clicking the pieces into a complete map !

answer for doors and rooms chapter 5 : the kingdom cheats :
first get these items : 3 bottles with symbol, glass and a paper with hints
count how many square and triangle for the pentagram on the floor to open the safe box

look at the right wall for your help guide
the hint is in order to get a key you must combine some several items :
bottle with sun symbol + crystal + fire
bottle with moon symbol + mushroom + fire
bottle with tree symbol + fruit + fire

you can find the bottles and the 3 items around the room 🙂 and for the fire, here’s how to get it :
1. get the 1st stone from the table on bottom left
2. get the 2nd stone on left side
3. combine them to make a stone with fire
4. click the hay to get some of them
5. click the oven and use the hay to put in
6. use the stones on the hay, and you have a fire for the oven


now after you combine each bottle with the items
put it inside the oven one by one and close it to make a colored water : red, blue, green

click the pot on right and combine the water inside the pot
use the glass to get the combined water, it’s black water

observe the note, you must use red and blue water to the skull on right wall to get a stone
combine black water + stone to get a gold

open safebox with code : 2035 get a metal
click on the bottom right metal and put the gold then add the metal
dismantle the metal – gold

use the key to open the door and solve the puzzle

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  • Chris

    I done everything up until the safebox code. How did you get that?

    • admin

      count the pentagram : square and triangle shape