Dota 6.62 OMG v1.04с Map Released

By | August 28, 2009

New Dota 6.62 OMG v1.04с map has just released today by ~Bob~. And this Dota Allstars 6.62 OMG map is already compatible with Warcraft 1.24b Patch that was released 2 days ago. So if you already upgrade your patch you can play with this Dota 6.62 OMG map. You can see more information about the changelogs below. And if you don’t know what is omg map, you can read : dota allstars OMG map

Dota 6.62 OMG Changelogs:
– OMG mode map is now based on DotA v6.62 and works under war3 v1.24b.
– Fixed Rabid, Open Wounds, Black Hole and Refraction.
– Nature Order and Charge of Darkness had been replaced with Heartstopper Aura and Sand Storm because of bugs.
– Commands -swap and -repick are disabled in OMG modes.
– Command unstuck and afk timer are disabled in Abilities Draft mode.
– Fixed bug with shops in Abilities Draft mode.
– After draft in -AD daytime will be turned to morning.

Download DotA v6.62 OMG v1.04c.w3x :
Dota 6.62 OMG v1.04с Map Download

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