Drink Bar Cafe World

By | October 4, 2010

Drink Bar Cafe World ! new feature is coming soon ๐Ÿ™‚ i hope it’s not like coffee ?
cafe-world-drink-barcafe world drink bar

Because the drink bar will let you make drinks and serve them to your customers from a brand new menu coming soon. If when we serve coffee to customers by clicking then i hope this drink bar will be like dishes…

you will need ask your friends for help to uncover the drink bar, the drink bar materials are :
8 bucket of ice
8 menus
8 napkins
16 kitchen tool

drink bar parts

oh ya one other thing.. i think this feature still slowly being rolled for everyone ? because some of my friends doesn’t have drink bar icon on the left side

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  • Richard

    I dont see the Drinkbar Feature on my Screen. I cant find it either in the inventory list !!
    So how do I get one?????

  • wilma

    i dont get the drink bar my level its 91…..why i dontvget….and how i get it gr wilma


    You just click a customer asking for a drink and then you can get started…..

  • Chez Remco

    @CAFEWORLDSUPERFAN: Thanks! That’s sounds logical, nonetheless I was searching my butt of for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • txany

    I have the same problem! I dont find my Drink bar ๐Ÿ™

  • yuki

    i click on the drink bar and put it in my cafe, but then there is connection problem & then i have try to reconnect, after that, the drink bar icon disappear and i cannot find the drink bar icon again, i click a customer asking for a drink but nothing prompt up, i cannot build the drink bar!!Can someone help!!!!!!!!!

  • upset

    i want my drink bar. help please

  • upset

    can anyone tell me how to get the drink bar. no one is walking in my cafe wanting a drink.

  • Diana Strachan

    i do not see the drink bar where is it how do i get it in my cafe help me please

  • Pink

    After my cafeworld was been refreshed and then my drink car and decoration which I decorated in my cafe lost and finally I have to create and decorate in my cafe again. How do I get my drink bar? Because of this, I don’t have any accesories for building the new drink bar up and I can’t send the requiring to my friends for send it to help. Please let me know. Thks

  • randy hilton

    ask to do a mission or quest with drink bar. can,t find it anywere, need icon or be able to put on cafe, to ask for parts or stuff , from friends. thank you for any help.

  • http://cafeworld Donell

    My drink bar says be back soon on it. How do I get it to work?

  • mary lou

    mine says same thing, be back soon.. has said it for two weeks now. i’ve been contacting zynga and now they are saying it’s because new drinks are coming out.???? everyone else’s seem to be working fine. help?????

  • MAYA


  • Dinika

    How do u get ur drink bar.? I don’t have an icon for it and i want one. All my neighbors have a drink bar n their cafe and i want one also. Somebody plz help me. They said it’s in the functional part but i cant c it… HELP!!!!!!!!!!!