Duck Pond In Farmville

By | January 5, 2011

Duck Pond In Farmville is coming soon ? as you see below there’s already place to store duck in the farmville xml

my duck pond in farmville

featured ducks coming soon ! soon you will be able to feature 5 ducks from your duck pond here 🙂

we already got duck pond decorations, so i hope the buildable duck pond will much bigger ? we will need some materials to build duck pond, though i’m guessing that the materials are wooden board, nails and brick… maybe we will see this feature after all players got the pigpen expansion in farmville ?

can’t wait for the farmville duck pond to came out ^^

Update : Farmville Duck Ponds is here ! and slowly rolled out for everyone 🙂

if you get a duck pond you will see this pop up to place duck pond

Build a Duck Pond today and showcase your ducks ! then harvest your duck pond once a day for a chance to find a duckling

then you need to get duck pond materials :
20 watering can
20 shovels

you can get it by clicking ‘ask for part’ or via farmville gift page from your friend 😀

xxx just started building their Duck Pond!
xxx could use some shovels and watering cans over here for their Duck Pond! Pretty soon, they’ll be able to show off all the ducks they’ve collected!

but you can always get it from farmville special delivery

you can see the duck pond progress here :
each progress will let you post bonus parts for your friends, they can click ‘get parts’

xxx is making solid progress on their Duck Pond!
xxx is working hard on their Duck Pond! Soon they’ll be able to showcase their ducks in a brand new home!

once farmville duck ponds completed it will hold 20 ducks

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  • Lisa

    Hi. You have a typo towards the beginning of the duck pond info….you need to change the “f” to a “d”….I hope that really WAS a mistaken typo.

    • admin

      >.< thx lisa

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