Emoji Phrase Cheats

By | November 7, 2013

Have a lot of fun guessing idioms, lyrics, quotes with some emojis included ! And use emoji phrase cheats if you stuck, you won’t realize how many idioms we know and use in everyday life 😛
emoji phrase by Gamoji Limited / Six Waves Inc. that you can play on android or iphone via itunes

emoji phrase level 1 answers :
level 1-1 : that’s a piece of cake
level 1-2 : it’s raining cats and dogs
level 1-3 : money doesn’t grow on trees
level 1-4 : give me a hand
level 1-5 : don’t 123 your chicken before egg crack


level 1-6 : down are what down foods
level 1-7 : punch fire with fire
level 1-8 : let’s phone / call it a day
level 1-9 : mama always said life was like a box of chocolates
level 1-10 : somewhere over the rainbow

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