EmojiNation Cheats

By | June 12, 2014

EmojiNation Cheats Guess the emoticon puzzles with combination of emoji picture into words, explore the words of emoji images with this quiz game 🙂
EmojiNation – guess the puzzle interpreted by Emoji emoticons! by CloudTeam on iphone and android

emojination answers level 1 :
EmojiNation Level 1-1 : Birthday
EmojiNation Level 1-2 : Sunfish
EmojiNation Level 1-3 : Hamburger
EmojiNation Level 1-4 : Kiss
EmojiNation Level 1-5 : Snowball


EmojiNation Level 1-6 : Winter
EmojiNation Level 1-7 : Light
EmojiNation Level 1-8 : Love Story
EmojiNation Level 1-9 : Blackbird
EmojiNation Level 1-10: Break Heart

EmojiNation is the most interesting and unique application of emoticon puzzles and charades, interpreted with icons. The game has a lot of levels. Some are very easy, some are more complicated and it also has tricky levels that require a little bit of head scratching. Challenge yourself, train your brain and imagination. And if it becomes too difficult you can use hints to help you along or ask for your friends help!