Empires and Allies German Missions

By | August 5, 2011

The red tiger tank and bismarck battleship available with empires and allies german missions ! unlock the most powerful units ever and build all that you want !

also you will see unlock feature for these units for empire points, once you unlocked you’ll be able to build them permanently !

here are the new quest requirements & rewards :

search party mission
– have 5 new friends play empires and allies
reward : vampire fighter

sausagefest mission
– build 4 of the alpine haus
– plant 6 wheat fields
– harvest 6 wheat fields
rewards : 1000 coins, 1 air strike I

bitter harvest mission
– plant 4 edelweiss
– harvest 8 wheat fields
rewards : 1500 coins, 1 field repairs II

centerpiece mission
– place 1 bandit
– harvest 10 wheat fields
rewards : 2000 coins, 1 hermann statue

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  • Joshua Lopez

    I did all the missions and I still haven’t unlocked them, what do I do now?

  • Andrew

    I’ve got the same problem. It’s kinda bullshit that they make it so you can only get it with empire points.

  • Carlo

    yep, I did all the missions too. it kinda hurt my feelings that the dark alliance have them. its soo cool anyway to have them all.