Empires and Allies Mysterious Mercenaries Quests

By | November 5, 2011

The Empires and Allies Mysterious Mercenaries Quests mini-series lets you earn a brand new Elite unit AND Empire Points!

For each of the quest you complete, more of the final unit will be revealed! look for requirements and rewards for each mission below :

An Intriguing Discovery Quest
Collect 3 Secret Files
Get 5 Decoder Rings
Produce 500 Wood
rewards : Element Z, 1 Mastery Token, 20 Infamy Points

The Tide Rolls In Quest
Collect 100 Uranium
Acquire 5 Defecting Scientists
Produce 500 Oil
rewards : 20 Honor Points, 1 Missile Attack II power-up, 250 Aluminum

Bits and Pieces Quest
Acquire 5 Mini Data Drives
Place 10 Infantry Troops
Defend the Data Drives from Nurse Malady
rewards : Liberty Bonds, 10 Energy Pack, 50 Gold.

The Best-Laid Plans Quest
Collect 10 Blue Prints
Battle Kung Fucius for Blue Prints
Earn 10 Energy from Neighbor Visits
rewards : 100 Copper, 20 XP, 1 Orange fighter jet

Searching the Seven Seas Quest
Acquire 10 Maps
Place 10 Battleships
Defeat The Eel’s forces
rewards : Energy, 1 Evasion I power-up, 2 Mastery Tokens

Hellcats of the Skies Quest
Get 10 Helicopter Training Manuals
Harvest 30 Corn
Win 15 Battle Blitz matches
rewards : Energy, 250 Wood, Zynga Zeppelin

Fight for Your Right to Pilot Quest
Get 10 Gallons of Advanced Polymer
Battle Van Helman for Windshield Wipers
Add 3 New Friends
reward : 5 Empire Points

World Class Whirlybird Quest
Collect 15 Air Inlets
Collect 5,000 Coins
Collect 15 Flight Suits
reward : Elite NightFox Copter

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