Endless Escape Level 1 – 15 Walkthrough

By | October 19, 2012

New android game for room escape ! The solution for first fifteen stage is here : endless escape level 1 – 15 walkthrough

Your goal is to put your escaping abilities to the test by combining object, cracking codes and solving puzzles!

how to play endless escape on android ?
you can collect and combine items, solve puzles and crack codes by tapping, tilting and shaking your phone to open the door and reach new stage 🙂

endless escape level 1 walkthrough
enter if you dare ? just click the door to open and click for stage 2


endless escape level 2 walkthrough
tap the vase to move, get the key to open door and move to stage 3

endless escape level 3 walkthrough
get rock from left floor
use it to break bottom part of the glass
get the key and open for stage 4

endless escape level 4 walkthrough
spell AFRICA to get a key behind the world map
and use it to open door

endless escape level 5 walkthrough
change the color into yellow blue red just like the flower
get the key on the vase and open stage 5

endless escape level 6 walkthrough
change each puzzle direction, to make the line connected
get key from box 🙂

endless escape level 7 walkthrough
tilt your phone to left then to right for each lamp switch
then open the door

endless escape level 8 walkthrough
click the paint bucket and brush
combine them on the inventory
then paint the middle door
click to open

endless escape level 9 walkthrough
the missing number is 16, too easy right ?
get the key from statue hand

endless escape level 10 walkthrough
find 6 differences from each picture, they are :
1. circle above door
2. door handle
3. harps direction
4. drawer handle
5. missing book under plant
6. missing leg on animal

endless escape level 11 walkthrough
click vase for cat food
click the cat picture for scissor
combine them and put it on the cat bowl
get the key go for stage 12

endless escape level 12 walkthrough
HURRY UP! ??? naah, don’t do anything ! because it only resetting the timer
just wait for 1 full turn and the light will changed into green
then you can open this door

endless escape level 13 walkthrough
tilt your device to right to read the numbers
1 2 4 5
change the numbers for each box
get the key from duck’s mouth

endless escape level 14 walkthrough
get scissors from table
cut the string from picture
knock… 4x ? click the door 4 times
then it will open for stage 15 😀

endless escape level 15 walkthrough
no more options ?
just click the ‘options’ on the bottom right
get the key from there =))
this one is nice trick
use it to open this door room 🙂

see you on stage 16 !

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