Endless Escape Level 17 18 19 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 19, 2012

The 3 stages for endless escape level 17 18 19 walkthrough is here ! read it to easily solve the puzzle answer for each floor and make it to the last level so far !


3 levels solution hint for android game : endless escape

endless escape stage 17 walkthrough
there’s a genie lamp ? what usually we do to make the genie out ?
get a cloth by clicking the chair seat
use the cloth to rub the genie lamp
the key will pop up above the lamp ! use it to open this door

endless escape stage 18 walkthrough
what is your favourite app ?
i don’t know if this my favourite game yet, but to pass this level you need to click ‘endless escape’ words on the bottom left
“true story” meme will came up from left ! click it to get a key and open the door 😀


endless escape stage 19 walkthrough
if you already learn before, in this game you can shake to make something happened
shake your phone so 4 apple drops from the tree
click them, and put it on the scale
the rock will lift, and guess what you can find under it ?
yes, a key for this level 🙂

see you on stage 20 😀

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  • Miriam

    My android tablet wil not let me shake apples out of tree on level 19. I can do it on my mobile. Any way to pass on the level?

  • chance

    Make sure your accelerometer is on in your settings.