Endless Escape Level 20 21 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 19, 2012

2 Guide to for endless escape level 20 21 walkthrough and actually these stage quite simple, just incase you need any help.. you can read this android game solutions here 😀


help guide top pass these levels :

endless escape stage 20 walkthrough
a troll meme above the door ?
you can slide to the right to see the same door, over and over
but keep scrolling until you find ‘lol’ meme above the door
click to open this door 😛
you don’t need any key to pass this level


endless escape stage 21 walkthrough
you can see the key on the top right side, and “cannot reach”
so make something so you can get the key

for this level, it requires some steps ! here’s the guide :
take the small seed, saw, hammer, water bucket and nails on the floor
note that your inventory can be scrolled up and down

put the seed on the left pot
use water bucket on it, so the tree grow
use hammer on the tree to get some woods

inside your inventory, combine the nails and wood together then add the hammer
you’ll make a table from it
place the table under the key
now you can get it 😀
use it to open door 21 and move forward to endless escape level 22

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