Endless Escape Level 23 24 Walkthrough Solution

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Here are loesung for endless escape level 23 24 walkthrough ! read the answer here :) these are the last 2 stages, Mobest Media will create more level if you like this game :)


so far, here are the help solution for endless game android app :

endless escape stage 23 walkthrough
there are 3 balls on the floor
and 3 half circle above door
if you look the ball color, it’s all combination color
so change the colors into :
red – orange
yellow – blue
blue – red

the box will open for your key to escape this door :)


endless escape stage 24 walkthrough
there’s a board hint for the cube color !
even though it’s easy, with so many colors you might facing some trouble
here’s the answer :
top side : blue red, green yellow
bottom side : red blue, green purple
left side : green blue, orange purple

read it : left to right, top to bottom

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