Endless Escape Level 25 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 27, 2012

The update is here ! Let’s discuss the right answer for stage 25 in endless escape level 25 walkthrough
there are 9 square on the right side and symbol on left side

change the color of each square with the symbol on the left :
i’m still looking for the solution
sun – yellow
cloud – white
tree – green

heart – red
coins – yellow
chestnut – brown

road – black
snow – blue
fire – red

but the door won’t open, i think the problem is on the coins and chestnut ?
still stuck so far, any help ?

we have the right answer here thx to Panodyne :
Top: Yellow/Blue/Green
Center: Red/Dark Yellow/Brown
Bottom: Black/White/Orange


for level 26 just like the picture, you need to make a star from the shape
click 5 shape on the middle to make a yellow star
get the key under telescope

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  • Panodyne

    Level 25: Top/Center – isn’t that a wave? (Blue maybe?)
    Shouldn’t a Snow Flake be White?

    • admin

      thanks panodyne 🙂 it work !

  • Panodyne

    Top: Yellow/Blue/Green
    Center:Red/Dark Yellow/Brown
    (There are different shades of a couple of the color options)

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  • shadow

    Top is yellow/blue/green

    Center is red/dark yellow/brown

    Bottom is black/white/orange

  • Aimee

    Wow Thanks! This really helped!