Endless Escape Level 27 28 Walkthrough Solution

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On endless escape level 27 28 walkthrough you will have the answer for each stage here ! both of them are easy puzzle, just don’t think too hard because the help is pretty clear !

solution hint guide :

endless escape level 27
use the First letters of each name for the direction, they are
Neumann Edison

so you will have :
East, North East, South, North, West
click the right arrow from these orders to get a key on the globe


endless escape level 28
draw a key from the board, the hint is on the left board
quick answer :
just click 1st column 3rd row
2nd column 2nd row and 4th row
3rd column 3rd row
4th column 3rd row
5th column 3rd row and 4th row
get the key on the table

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