Endless Escape level 48 Walkthrough Solution

By | November 10, 2012

The last stage update for this week, so let’s discuss the solution on endless escape level 48 walkthrough so we can have the solution to pass this door and get the password

there are ties and triangle with some colors, pattern and arrows on left wall
on the right wall there are some shape and another colors

your job is :
left wall : tick the tie, change the white triangle
right wall : change the shape, tick the shape

well i’m stuck and still figuring what is the puzzle logic
but here’s the answer :
4th tie
red arrow line facing top
yellow red (blue side)
4th pattern

if anyone can explain why, it will be a big help 🙂
the password for stage 49 is : burger

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  • henry_m

    For tie: Notice the top part of the tie: only the 4th one has same pattern throughout, while others have the patterns rotated.

    For square+triangle: 4th has 6 regions while others have 5.

    For yellow/red blue sides: The figure on left is a net for a 3D solid, which is the answer.

    Not sure for arrows though.

  • cb

    The triangles meet the squares at two points, except for figure 4, where it only meets at one point

  • somesthet

    For the arrows, all the horizontal rows have the same pattern type, and the “right-leaning” columns’ arrows alternate in opposite directions.