Endless Escape Level 53 54 Walkthrough

By | December 14, 2012

Pass stage 53 & 54 Mobest Media game easily with endless escape level 53 – 54 walkthrough ! because we have the answer guide for each puzzle solution 🙂

find a right spot on stage 53 to drill in for key, it’s a pretty small spot but since i’ve found it.. you only need to read where to find the mini x is 😛 and for stage 54 you will play Jan-ken-pon ! another try and error until you pass, i think you must quick and press the correct button or you must restart.

help cheats for :

endless escape level 53 walkthrough
find 2 tools into your inventory :
get a drill on right bookshelf
get a metal detector on left tree
use metal detector to mark X left to the tree (press or swipe)
drill the X and get the key


endless escape level 54 walkthrough
rock paper scissors
play with 3 person on right and get the key on sofa
remember that :
– rock defeat scissor
– paper defeat rock
– scissor defeat paper
i think this one is random, so you must win it yourself 😐 good luck and see you on stage 55

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