Endless Escape Level 55 56 Walkthrough

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Stuck with endless escape stage 55 ? or maybe 56 :P don’t worry we already solved it, so read endless escape level 55 – 56 walkthrough for the puzzle solution !

on stage 55 you must read the help and understanding the hint first, then eliminate the woman and man that you already sure and continue for next one ! for stage 56 it’s quite easy if you read it upside down, you only need to put the numbers in correct position : left or right :)

cheats answer for :

endless escape level 55 walkthrough
on left you have 4 girls with some hint, match the girls with boys !
1 andrew + skateboard
2 arthur
3 anthoney andrew
4 alison
if you using the hint, you’ll have : 3 4 1 2
anne : 3
andrea : 4
angela : 1
alan anthony : 2
get the key on the left floor


endless escape level 56 walkthrough
2 numbers with 4 digits, the help is the upside down icon ! so read the numbers upside down and put the correct numbers below it, the answers are : 1961 and 1502
the numbers will locked into green and you can see the key glow on the pot

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