Endless Escape Level 57 58 Walkthrough

By | December 14, 2012

Stressed out with stage 58 ? we already pass this, and have the cheat answer for you in endless escape level 57 – 58 walkthrough here !

On stage 57 there are some help on right wall side, read the hint and figure out what letters you must use !
If you ever heard “a needle in a haystack” figure of speech, then you must find it on stage 58 ! LOL but we already figured out where the needle position 🙂

solution guide for :

endless escape level 57 walkthrough
change the AAA using the symbol into the correct letters
you can see the hint on the right side, use the symbols & colors
the answer is FIR
F is the shape
I is the total numbers
R is the color
get key below the chair and open door


endless escape level 58 walkthrough
click the strings above haystack to make needle drop down
honestly i spend about 1 hour try to shake, drag and swipe the haystack to make it burn 😐
until i tried to click it and found the needle on bottom right side !
use it to open the treasure box for key and go to stage 59 !

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