Endless Escape Level 59 60 Walkthrough

By | December 14, 2012

Last stage 59 and 60 ! Help for these 2 stages are here on endless escape level 59 – 60 walkthrough

look the answers for next 3×3 square color pattern, but i don’t really understand this one so i cheat 😛 and for stage 60 i think this is the end of your ‘endless’ journey, because we will continue with new game series from Mobest Media : endless escape underground ! maybe they make a new one because the application take a big size ?

help solution for :

endless escape level 59 walkthrough
5 square with 2 colors : red and blue
you must guess the next pattern, actually i’m cheating for this one
i tried to put each color on each square and found the answer !
middle top : red
middle bottom : red
the rest are no color, not ?
get the key right to the telephone and open door


endless escape level 60 walkthrough
open the door and “jump” ! not actual jump, but shake your device until the floor break down and you have a big hole
it’s your escape way 😛 click it and the end !
“You wake up and realize that this was just the beginning”
no more password because it will have a new game soon called :
endless escape underground that will available from february 2013

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