Endless Escape Level 69 70 71 Walkthrough

By | June 24, 2013

The last 3 stages of this update : endless escape level 69 70 71 walkthrough i don’t know how long Mobest Media will release the next one.. because it took some time for them to release this one 😛

if you know what to press on stage 69 then there won’t be any problem 😀 on level 70 you must use an animal to get the key from the pipe and on the last stage is kinda difficult, because you must think which of the object have the minimum sound to the maximum ?

walkthrough solution for :

endless escape level 69 walkthrough
press : ESCAPE from the number squares on the right
the answers are : 4-3-9-5-2-4

endless escape level 70 walkthrough
get the cloth and put it on the cat picture
put the cheese on the mouse hole
get the mouse to put on the pipe above
the key will drop and you can take it to open the door


endless escape level 71 walkthrough
order the sound from the speaker size above door using each object color :
zzz – bird – door – clock
so the answer are :
black – red
green – blue

proceed to stage 72 soon 😀

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