English Pirate Language for Facebook

By | May 19, 2009

Maybe you got bored with your default language? Well i got a tips for you…. Have you try this English(Pirate) language for facebook yet ? It’s still beta, but it’s so fun 😀 Yeah, if you want to feel speak like a pirate or maybe just like our beloved Captain Jack Sparrow 🙂 ahoy mate 😛 Or maybe you remember the Captain in Sponge Bob intro? aye aye Captain! Yeah just like that :3

How to change the language to English(Pirate)
Just go to the footer and click your default language, e.g English(US). Then there will be a pop up, and choose the English(Pirate)

done ! 😀

now see some funny language at the header menu , left menu and even your footer 😛

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