Escape Action Level 31 32 33 34 35 Walkthrough

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On this stage of puzzle you need to be patience and figure out how to solve each puzzle room with the hints ! use our Escape Action Level 31 32 33 34 35 Walkthrough to find out step by step guide that will give you the answer on each puzzle logic :)
Escape Action Android room escape game by Candy Mobile

escape action level 31 walkthrough
balance the buttons with elephant : 1 apple + 2 smiley buttons

escape action level 32 walkthrough
tap the square into hammer pattern :
x x x
x x x
– x –
– x –


escape action level 33 walkthrough
get a knife and you need to swipe the cross on the wall over and over until the wall breaks

escape action level 34 walkthrough
using 1 finger hold the stone like fingerprint until you have 3 green lights

escape action level 35 walkthrough
remember the balls number and you must put 3 balls on the correct spot

escape action nivel 31 – 35 cheats :

proceed to level 36 answers

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