Escape Action Level 81 82 83 84 85 Walkthrough

By | January 10, 2014

Need help to solve these new 5 niveau ? the following guide wil help you with Escape Action Level 81 82 83 84 85 Walkthrough to know how to solve the puzzle door on each stage 😀
Escape Action Android room escape game by Candy Mobile

escape action level 81 walkthrough
shake your phone, get the picture part
combine it with the right picture, get the wrench and use it to unscrew the door bolts
rotate the picture so it match with level number 81

escape action level 82 walkthrough
tap all the animals, press the rhino 3x
4 8 9 = the order for animal
tap bird snake kangaroo elephant

escape action level 83 walkthrough
tap the left button then reverse the order, by pressing these piano tunes :
3 5 2 6 4 1


escape action level 84 walkthrough
get the clamp on right floor under cabinet, use it on the top left chain
change the block on door into green and get the sponge
place the sponge on the bucket, get the key and open the box
tap the switch to open door

escape action level 85 walkthrough
target on this challenge room is to put out all the fires by press & hold each flame

escape action nivel 81 82 83 84 85 cheats :

proceed to level 86 guide

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