Escape Action Level 96 97 98 99 100 Walkthrough

By | January 24, 2014

Nivel 97 might take a lot of steps and make you stuck ? but we already covered how to pass this niveau on these cheat guide : Escape Action Level 96 97 98 99 100 Walkthrough so you know the reason behind each solution !
Escape Action Android room escape game by Candy Mobile

escape action level 96 walkthrough
get the match under paper and light the dynamite, get the arrow and put it on the 2nd gear
3 1 2 9 = clock number
1st gear = 3
2nd gear = 12
3rd gear = 9

escape action level 97 walkthrough
shake and get a fan to put on top stone spot, rotate the an
tap drum 4x to get number 4 and put it on the square to get 8, put it on the middle stone spot then tap it 8 times
get the flower bud and place it on the bottom stone spot, tap the water can to get sponge and press the bud with this sponge

escape action level 98 walkthrough
tap button and get knife to cut the leaves for stop button
make all the compass blue hand point one by one to the middle and press stop word


escape action level 99 walkthrough
get the wrench under paper and tap the faucet a couple of times to get water
use sponge on the water and pull down the rope on top left
clean the bottom right square using sponge
count how many color on each lines and press the square behind board with that number

escape action level 100 walkthrough
tap the ball and slide up to hit mr.p to get 90 points

escape action nivel 96 97 98 99 100 cheats :

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